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KYRA GREEN: How to come out!

Tori: Who are you? What do you do?

Kyra Green: Your sister lol model, content creator, reality personality.

Tori: What was your first experience in business (including running your own business)? How long did this last; or are you still involved in the same business?

Kyra: Img models for 10 years. I’m still in the industry but in a way that is healthier and better for me now.

Tori: Biggest challenge? How did you get through it?

Kyra: Fashion industry as a child, Kidz bop, my first love being closeted, body issues.

Tori: What is something that you wish you could go back and tell yourself before starting this


Kyra: That I’ll be stronger on the other side of it and that I can ask for help but also not feel completely like a victim.

Tori: What did you do before owning your own/running your business?

Kyra: Worked for other people on set. Now I create my own or am being hired to be myself.

Tori: What/who made you take the first leap?

Kyra: Myself but also my mother.

Tori: Who was the first to believe in you and give you real support (financial/sweat equity)?

Kyra: My parents along with myself. But I’ve always had people really see something in me off of meeting me.

Tori: Are you currently in your dream job? If not, what is it?

Kyra: Being a cash register girl at the supermarket. I’m a foodie so they pretty much held all the power.

Tori: Why did you get into this field?

Kyra: Because the money is great can’t lie but it also allows me to be creative and to constantly be thrown into new situations.

Tori: What is your biggest failure that you turned into a success?

Kyra: Failing in modeling in a way to be able to enter a new career in tv.

TorI: If you could change one thing about your life today for the better, what would it be?

Kyra: Nothing, everything is happening in perfect time. I could say things that could make it perfect but that’s not life.

Tori: How is your life/work balance? Body, mind, and soul weekly routine?

Kyra: Really good for the first time in my life. Sex life, work life, social life are all really present and balanced for me.

Tori: Do you say/write out affirmations?

Kyra: I journal, I workout for my head, I even pray. I’m spiritual for sure.

Tori: When was the last time you tried something new/ Stepped out of routine?

Kyra: Moving away from my family this week!

Tori: Favorite book that changed your life?

Kyra: Ask and it’s given.

Tori: Do you think your gender gives you an advantage or disadvantage in today's world?

Kyra: Yes in the industry I’m in but any other industry hell no! Lol

Tori: Have you experienced different treatment from your peers of the opposite sex?

Kyra: I’m sexually fluid and people almost immediately figure that out so strangely I would say I’m treated similar on both sides. Both sexes half of the time think I want to sleep with them. Guys find it sexy and girls or like, well I’m a girl so you’re obviously into me lol I’m also a flirt though

Tori: Thoughts on the glass ceiling?

Kyra: Wtf is that? Lol

Tori: What advice would you give your children/ future children about succeeding in a

patriarchal society?

Kyra: Work hard, live life for experiences, be smart, be safe, never compare yourself to others, it'll put you further behind. Stay ahead by competing with yourself.

Tori: If you could talk to a young boy/girl from your hometown neighborhood who aspires to have your career/job/focus what would tell them? Advice.

Kyra: Advice. Be authentic to you. Find something different about yourself and just keep trying. Failing will only make you better at your craft. And don’t overthink things

Tori: Fun fact about you?

Kyra: I can spread my toys, I was a Kidz bop kid lol

Tori: Number one piece of advice you remember?

Kyra: Just get to the mat, my yoga teacher used to say it.

Tori: Anything else to add?

Kyra: I love you. You inspire me ALOT. And have always believed in me

Tori: Anything coming up for you that you want to talk about?

Kyra: Yes! You might see me on tv soon or somewhere haha. But a lot of shit I can’t talk about legally haha

Tori: Where can we find you online?

@kyra212green on Instagram and tiktok

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