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CARIANNE OLDER: Presenting Peggy Shoots Film

Tori Green: Who are you? What do you do?

Carianne Older: I'm Carianne - aka PeggyShootsFilm - film photographer and creative director.

Tori: What was your first business (including running your own business)? How long did this last or are you still involved in the same business?

Carianne: My first business is PeggyShootsFilm, I’ve been running my own biz for 4 years now.

Tori: Biggest challenge? How did you get through it?

Carianne: Realizing I was worthy enough to run my own biz/not work corporate like I thought I was supposed to.

Tori: What is something that you wish you could go back and tell yourself before starting this


Carianne: You will end up somewhere different than you expected you would as a kid.

Tori: What did you do before owning your own/running your business?

Carianne: I worked on Broadway & 9-5 at a /Major Talent Agency

Tori: What/who made you take the first leap?

Carianne: My parents!

Tori: Who was the first to believe in you and give you real support (financial/sweat equity)?

Carianne: My parents!

Tori: Was this your dream job? If not, what was?

Carianne: My dream job was working on Broadway, which I did! But owning my own company and being my own boss was my real dream. I just didn't realize it until it fell into my lap.

Tori: Why did you get into this field?

Carianne: It really fell into my lap, being a photographer kinda found me.

Tori: What is your biggest failure that you turned into a success?

Carianne: Not getting hired at any of the major corporations I applied to when I got to LA. It forced me to work for myself and work hard.

Tori: How is your life/work balance? Body, mind, and soul weekly routine?

Carianne: I am an overworked/over achiever but I force myself to take time for myself. I love to

get massages, facials, get my nails done, eat out at nice restaurants with my friends..

Tori: Do you say/write out affirmations?

Carianne: Yes!

Tori: When was the last time you tried something new/ Stepped out of routine?

Carianne: I haven’t in a while honestly! I need a hobby.

Tori: Favorite book that changed your life?

Carianne: Choke by Chuck Palahniuk

Tori: Do you think your gender gives you an advantage or disadvantage in today’s world?

Carianne: Disadvantage.

Tori: Have you experienced different treatment from your peers of the opposite sex?

Carianne: Yes 100%

Tori: Thoughts on the glass ceiling?

Carianne: Yes, I think it exists and that women aren’t meant to surpass it.

Tori: Fun fact about you?

Carianne: I grew up Vegan and no longer am.

Tori: Number one piece of advice you remember?

Carianne: Be true to yourself and be kind to every single person you work with.

Tori: Anything coming up for you that you want to talk about?

Carianne: My in person workshops, clown series.

Tori: Where can we find you online?


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