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SOULA ROUGE: How I Found My Power

Tori Green: Who are you? What do you do?

Soula Rouge: I’m Soula, I work predominantly in modeling as well as project management and business development.

Tori: What was your first business (including running your own business)? How long did this last or are you still involved in the same business?

Soula: My first business was pet care, short term rentals, modeling and a housekeeping company. Relatively all at once. I maintained these for 5 years before moving to LA full time for modeling and the creative field.

Tori: Biggest challenge? How did you get through it?

Soula: Biggest challenge was probably an internal one, I struggled with and occasionally still establishing and maintaining boundaries. Speaking up about how I feel instead of taking the detriment in silence.

I got through it with a lot of work - recognizing I didn’t like how I felt when people disrespected me, walked all over me and used me. Now I’m the type of person to change the things I don’t like because I took my power back by understanding I had the ability to make those changes myself. I can’t control how people treat me but I can’t communicate how I want to be treated and I can control someone’s presence in my life.

Tori: What is something that you wish you could go back and tell yourself before starting this journey?

Soula: To be present. Stress and anxiety used to be a major controlling factor of my life overall, and it was a direct result of worrying too much about the past and the future, things I can neither change nor control. Focus on making what’s actually real, the best experience possible for myself.

Tori: What did you do before owning your own/running your business?

Soula: I was in high school, working regular high school jobs and on a farm I grew up on.

Tori: What/who made you take the first leap?

Soula: I was hyper focused on the first leap. I had always said from a super young age that I was leaving when I turned 18. So, me.

Tori: Who was the first to believe in you and give you real support (financial/sweat equity)?

Soula: I’d have to say my very first clients, I guess. The people who trusted the girl with no reviews to get the job done right.

Tori: Was this your dream job? If not, what was?

Soula: My first companies were not my dream jobs but I absolutely loved being my own boss and in control of my life. Modeling is very close to my dream job - but ultimately I like directing and producing big projects, maybe even movies one day. I’m a visionary and bringing these visions to life is very fulfilling.

Tori: Why did you get into this field?

Soula: Modeling fell into my lap when I was modeling for the sportswear catalogs that high schools received to purchase their uniforms and it was uphill from there.

Tori: What is your biggest failure that you turned into a success?

Soula: The only failures I perceive would be not treating myself as I deserved - and it’s safe to say I’m pretty successful at that now 😉

Tori: If you could change one thing about your life today for the better, what would it be?

Soula: I’d be able to foster more animals and dedicate more of my life to humanitarian causes.

Tori: How is your life/work balance? Body, mind, and soul weekly routine?

Soula: Very good. I am so blessed and grateful and still have a hard time believing my life is real.

Tori: Do you say/write out affirmations?

Soula: Every day!

Tori: When was the last time you tried something new/ Stepped out of routine?

Soula: I tried kambo recently! An incredible Amazonian medicine. It motivated complete sobriety in my life outside of mushrooms.

Tori: Favorite book that changed your life?

Soula: Four agreements was the Kickstarter for all the rest, the list is long but I think it should be a staple for everyone to read.

Tori: Do you think your gender gives you an advantage or disadvantage in today’s world?

Soula: Both - we can talk about pretty privilege or the fact that the only reason that privilege exists is hugely due to misogyny which is the innate disadvantage.

Tori: Have you experienced different treatment from your peers of the opposite sex?

Soula: 10000000000000%

Tori: Thoughts on the glass ceiling?

Soula: It is very real and it’s another particle in the massive pile of dust our society tries sweeping under the rug. It most certainly needs to be shattered and the easiest way to begin supporting that action is having conversations about it.

Tori: What advice would you give your children/ future children about succeeding in a

patriarchal society?

Soula: Learn to use it to your benefit while not succumbing to its control or supporting its continuation.

Tori: If you could talk to a young boy/girl from your hometown neighborhood who aspires to have your career/job/focus what would tell them? Advice.

Soula: It’s hard to get out of my hometown and do something like this. But honestly, be selfish. Do what you have to do for you. It’s a massive change and a completely different world - but if you want anything BADLY enough, you’ll get there. Focus, discipline, and decisions that support your visions are keys in manifesting your dreams. (without intentionally hurting anyone else)

Tori: Fun fact about you?

Soula: I’m the only redhead in my immediate family.

Tori: Number one piece of advice you remember?

Soula: Reason, season, lifetime.

Tori: Anything else to add?

Soula: Invest in habits that support the life of your dreams. Learn how to have difficult conversations necessary to lay the foundation of change our world needs rebuilt upon.

Where your focus goes, energy flows. Where it flows, it grows.

Tori: Anything coming up for you that you want to talk about?

Soula: I think we’ve covered some amazing topics. What about you?

Tori: Where can we find you online?

Soula: Instagram @soularouge, @souladay

Tiktok @souladay

Twitter @soulasols

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