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SHERO CARROLL: What is a feminist?

Tori: Who are you? What do you do?

Shero Carroll: Shero, women's rights activist, socialite and owner of Sysmic App

Tori: What was your first business (including running your own business)? How long did this last or are you still involved in the same business?

Shero: I ran a spa for about a year, no longer in that field of work.

Tori: Biggest challenge? How did you get through it?

Shero: Moving to LA, I had to work hard and take the risk of losing everything.

Tori: What is something that you wish you could go back and tell yourself before starting this journey?

Shero: Don't worry you're going to make it!

Tori: What did you do before owning your own/running your business?

Shero: I was a celebrity spray tan artist.

Tori: What/who made you take the first leap?

Shero: My mom helped me, she knew I didn't belong in NC. I had already essentially lost

everything before moving to LA so i thought it couldn't get any worse so might as well move

and take another risk.

Tori: Who was the first to believe in you and give you real support (financial/sweat equity)?

Shero: My mom. And my mom helped me financially in LA for a long time to get on my feet.

Tori: Was this your dream job? If not, what was?

Shero: Not my dream job but working on finding my dream job

Tori: Why did you get into this field?

Shero: I always liked fashion and having my picture taken I wanted to empower other women, I feel women aren't as strong as we used to be.

Tori: What is your biggest failure that you turned into a success?

Shero: Going in debt for my app then turning it around.

Tori: If you could change one thing about your life today for the better, what would it be?

Shero: Find a way to live between Miami and LA.

Tori: How is your life/work balance? Body, mind, and soul weekly routine? Do you

say/write out affirmations?

Shero: I think my balance is good. I sometimes think I work too much but I like it. I do both.

Tori: When was the last time you tried something new/ Stepped out of routine?

Shero: I recently got into cold plunging in the morning it was hard at first but now I

like it

Tori: Favorite book that changed your life?

Shero: Reality Transurfing

Tori: Do you think your gender gives you an advantage or disadvantage in today’s


Shero: BOTH

Tori: Have you experienced different treatment from your peers of the opposite sex?

Shero: Sometimes

Tori: Thoughts on the glass ceiling?

Shero: Glass ceiling definitely still exists and I don't think it will ever be broken until we have not one but a few female presidents.

Tori: What advice would you give your children/ future children about succeeding in a

patriarchal society?

Shero: If i have a daughter use it to her advantage but also don't let it disadvantage her.

Tori: If you could talk to a young boy/girl from your hometown neighborhood who aspires to

have your career/job/focus what would tell them? Advice.

Shero: I came from a really tough city, I would assure them they can make it. They just need to

hustle hard and get out of Fayetteville!

Tori: Fun fact about you?

Shero: I was completely vegan for almost five years.

Tori: Number one piece of advice you remember?

Shero: Put your emotions aside for every decision you make it life

Tori: Where can we find you online?


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