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Why Tea with Tori?

Okay so, why Tea with Tori? I feel like Tea has become synonymous with the word secret. I could go on all day with the tea memes. I don’t know if it started with Wendy Williams but its definitely become a “saying” in our generation. So not only will I be dishing my secrets but so will my guests. I’m talking about business secrets, spirituality secrets, if you have a secret to how you have become successful I want to hear it. Everyone haas had a different path to success and I believe looking at life from as many perspectives as possible is the best way to define the life that you want. That can be anything from deciding if you’re going to move, or how to answer that text that’s triggering your trauma. Sometimes hearing someone else tell a similar story to you and how they handled it could change your perspective on how you’re going to handle the situation that you’re currently in.

What about guests?

Let's talk about the special guests/ co hosts I will be having on! Some of them you may be familiar with, some of them may be new to you; but all of them will have some tea to spill that could help you reach your own success. Eventually I will have men on my show but for the time being I will be highlighting strong, boss bitches out killing the game of life. Everyone of them is in their own lane and supporting the women around them. As I love perspectives and helping people see different ones to solve their problems. A lot of times women are forced to label themselves in a category or box in society that often falls completely to one end of the spectrum or the other. Very saint or sinner, virgin or whore, smart or pretty, and sexuality always determines the level of respect society thinks she deserves. I am determined to show how multidimensional women can be, and how so many are succeeding by being uniquely themselves. In addition to being on this show you can go to for more information, including a Q+A on each guest.

Who are you?

A little about me. I’m sure you’ll get to know me better as the episodes go on but let me give you a quick little rundown. I am a creative and entrepreneur living in California, but always traveling. I moved from NYC to LA 4 years ago with my brother Riley (@212rosebud ) and sister (@kyra212green) because our band 212Green signed a music management deal. However after numerous meetings asking us to increase our social media following I began to enter the world of influencing. I never had the body type to model so IG became a place of creative expression and to show my friends what I was doing all the time obviously. After appearing on America’s Got Talent and shooting with American Apparel my social media following my first jump in NYC but I had never considered instagram a business until LA. As my following reached about 100K brands began to not only offer me the free products like before but they were also offering me contracts, and rates for posting. I’ll talk about this more in depth later in the season as making money on your instagram is definitely some tea I have to spill. But of course that’s not all I will be opening up about my growth into adulting, being an entrepreneur, my spirituality journey, money moves, advice, manifestation and everything in between.

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